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Welcome to International Spyro Grand Prix Wiki
International Spyro Grand Prix Wiki is about a series of competitive speedrunning events organised and run by ISGP Hosts CrystalFissure and Nintendogen64.

The main goal of International Spyro Grand Prix Wiki is to document any and all relevant topics and events and to become the ultimate knowledge base.


We currently stand at 131 articles and 32 registered users since January 7, 2021
Have fun!

Current events

Our next upcoming event is: Great Voyage

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Visit the tournament pages for more info on how to watch and/or participate.

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Topics of Interest

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The current champions of each title are as follows:
ISGP Speedrunning Championship.png

ISGP Champion is Charity Royall
Held for 14 Days.

Crassic Speedrunning Championship.png

Crassic Speedrunning Champion is MuddyMaestro
Held for 57 Days.

ISGP Tag Team Championship.png

ISGP Tag Team Champion is Vacant
Held for 74 Days.

Crassic Trios Championship.png

Crassic Trios Champion is Seethe Harbor
(Daniel Davidson, DantaFanta, DessertMonkeyJK) Held for 623 Days.